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A modern day ATV, Jake Wooten has transitioned from Tennessee to California to skate everything and anything at full force. A true master of his board and a concrete slayer, Jake’s abilities in the streets are equally matched by what he can do on transition. From NBDs at Burnside to 5-0s on 20+ stair handrails, Jake Wooten is raw and he brings a special flavor to his tricks.

In early 2021, Jake turned pro for Santa Cruz skateboards, and if you’ve seen his pro part (or any part, for that matter) then you know what we are talking about. Bent knees, full speed and the perfect combination of technical wizardry on larger than life spots. But what really sets him apart is his attitude. Jake keeps it carefree and positive. Throw him in the van, invite him to an event or hang out after the skating is over—Jake always brings the right energy.