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Today, etnies and the cult classic BMX film RAD launched a new collection – expanding on the first-ever official full-scale production of RAD footwear and apparel released in 2021 – with a much-anticipated “Prom Scene-themed” line of footwear and apparel. Due to RAD’s devoted, international fan following, the first etnies x RAD Collection sold out in a matter of days. 
Available now on and at better retailers, the etnies x RAD collection is stacked with a variety of apparel and footwear options, the product’s movie-inspired designs aim to capture the excitement of longtime and new fans alike, as the love for the film is passed down from generation to generation. 

RAD, originally Executive Produced by the late Jack Schwartzman in 1986, was restored and re-released in 2020 by Utopia Media, co-founded by his son and filmmaker Robert Schwartzman.
Directed by Hal Needham (Smokey And The Bandit, The Cannonball Run), RAD follows Cru Jones (Bill Allen), a small-town kid determined to win an infamous BMX race set on a nearly impossible course known as Helltrack. A sleeper hit upon its initial release, RAD has become one of the iconic cult films of the 1980s and amongst BMX professionals, spawning fan clubs and repertory film screenings for decades.  RADwas written by Sam Bernard and Geoffrey Edwards, produced by Robert L. Levy (Wedding Crashers) and executive produced by Jack Schwartzman (Being There, Never Say Never Again). You can stream the Special Edition of RADat Altavod purchase the 4k Bluray disc at