He’s goofy footed, fast & French. Aurélien Giraud is a street assassin with an insane bag of tricks & a pop so fresh that he can’t be ignored—or forgotten. Aurélien has been on a steady rip since childhood, but in 2015 he took his skating abroad to put the world on notice. In less than a year he claimed four MAJOR contest wins. 1st at a World Cup event in Moscow. 1st at the Nike SB Open in Berlin. 1st at the coveted Tampa Am, plus another 1st place finish at Simple Session in Estonia. The world couldn’t help but recognize, Aurélien is undeniably sick on a stick. Then, after taking first place at Dew Tour near the end of 2019, 2020 kicked off with Aurélien turning pro for Plan B. Turns out that year started off on a positive note, for some. As of late, Aurélien is seeking out new ways to amaze us.




Sure, his hardflip late back 180s may be his most memorable tricks (especially when he takes them to a front board or back lip down a handrail), but if you are lucky enough to watch him skate in person you’ll quickly realize he has mastered the art of flipping his board. We promise, watching him skate in real life is an experience you won’t forget.