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Like his Instagram handle implies, Andy Anderson is authentic. Andy remembers being hooked by skateboarding the first time he saw someone pushing through the streets because they were playing in a place he wasn’t allowed. On his 4th birthday Andy got his first wooden toy and from there began his truly one-of-a-kind journey.

Dropping in from Canada, Andy grew up just five minutes north of the United States border. Due to the harsh winters Andy turned to freestyle to satisfy his appetite for inventive skateboarding. Being anti-ollie in his early days, Andy’s trick selection is as unique as they come, blending an almost forgotten style of board control with a modern eye for where to ride. Not only can Andy hop onto 20+ stair handrails and handle massive transitions with the best, he has an unmatched imagination for how to skate whatever he sees thanks to his foundation in freestyle. And, if you know anything about the history of etnies, then it should be pretty obvious as to why we are hyped on Andy Anderson.