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Travis Travis


Kurtis Harder
Forced upgrade

Hello my name is the Kurtis Harder and I have loved wearing your Joslin 2’s
For long boarding/camping/working I guess you could say everything and everyday use

I bought these shoes cause I was a tire technician that believed in Michelin products and I wanted to put them to the test and coming to the conclusion that these are the best skate shoe I have ever worn mainly because I could sneak my foot in the shoe and quickly strap the Velcro and have decent ankle support

After realizing that the Joslin 2’s have been upgraded with no Velcro strap (BRING BACK THE STRAP)I had to find another type of shoe that gave me the ankle support I loved so much. Hence I found the Culvert Mid MTB’s after putting them on my first thought was I can’t believe how comfortable they were right out of the box. Secondly I chuckled because the all black looks and sounds like a dress shoe. Then thirdly and last thought I could not believe how well the Michelin tread sticks to my long board. I have challenged myself to start do fancier moves because they feel like such a performer

In short
Love your shoes love Michelin tread keep it up BRING BACK THE STRAP ON THE JOSLIN 2’S

Brandon Levy
Fast as f***!

I wear these shoes for riding my Sport Bike on the streets. Super protective, supportive and help me go super fast while looking fresh doing it!! Get you some!!

Dany Lapierre
I love these shoes

The only thing i will order a size larger the next time i will order it, but even if its small i feel confortable in it... also it seems strong made i will see with time thanks!!

Chris H
Love them!

Probably the best quality sneaker I've bought in a long time highly recommend!!