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I grew up in little city near Atlanta called Suwannee, Georgia. Growing up, my parents were huge motorcycle enthusiasts. They raced motocross, street bikes, and basically had love for anything with wheels. I remember my mom started a small motorcycle shop when I was about 2. I would sit there and watch Crusty Demons, Steel Roots, Mini Warriors and a bunch of other classics. Of course my parents, being how they are, had a bike for me already and were excited to get me to start riding. So at 3 years old they got me my first race bike, a junior all chrome Redline. I raced for years until the tracks died out and skateparks started to become popular. At this point, my mom had changed the store to a BMX racing shop and it evolved as my riding did. Once I stopped racing, she had the shop put in the best skatepark to ever be built, Rampage skatepark. I literally lived at this park as a child, skating and riding for hours upon hours every single day.